Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Minnie Mouse experiencing the world!


I had to get that off my chest.
Does anyone else get extreme anxiety during the beginning of the year???
I know I do. It literally makes my heart pound faster and the muscles in my chest tighten up.
So much to prepare for! The bright open spaces begin to dim and walls close down around me.

Welcome to the beginning of a new semester. You are the rat in the experiment, try to find the cheese and get out. If you get stuck in a corner, you're done. The end.

I am that rat. Lets say mouse. I like mice more.

New heavy semester, competition season for dance, senior recital, medical school interviews (for Jameson)...! I am the mouse and I need to navigate around these walls by scent. SCENT. I don't even smell things very well.

You know, I had a good talk with my cousin Monica yesterday... she suggested, "Well, why don't you choose to be excited? This is your last semester! What an adventure you will be taking!"
I think I should make her suggestion what I see and what I experience. I am on an adventure!
Instead of being a lab mouse, why can't I be Minnie Mouse?

Minnie Mouse experiencing the world! Three or more adventures at a time! How exciting!
I've never seen Minnie have to rely solely on her sense of smell.. this may just work. And I've got a partner, not Mickey; Jameson is more like a Mighty Duck. I think Minnie would go well with a Mighty Duck, one with a great sense of humor.

So wish us luck! My Mighty Duck and I are going to make the best of these adventures :)


I can do it.
WE can do it. !
Thank heaven for Mighty Ducks.
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Mary said...

You can do it! Love you.