Thursday, December 5, 2013

Becca, just breathe. Buh-reeeeeea-thhhhe.

Do you ever find yourself freaking out? And you realize it’s for no apparent reason at all? And then you sit and think about it, and there is EVERYTHING to freak out about! It’s almost like the apocalypse. [If you don’t do this, congratulations.] But then again… you think about it, and really, it’s not a big deal. This is LIFE. We’re supposed to have these challenging adventures.
I definitely do. I’m currently in the middle of a freak out. I’m in the apocalypse part. Seriously, I’m trying to fight it… It’s this time of year I get a zillion stress canker sores.
Here is the pep talk I’m in… “Becca, just breathe. Buh-reeeeeea-thhhhe. In. . . . Out . . . It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. AHHHHHH End of the semester! AHHHH!! Becca, just breathe. Buh-reeeeeea-thhhhe. In. . . . Out . . . It’s no big deal. You were made to do this. You. Can. Do. This.!”
And I say a prayer in my heart.
And I follow my advice and breathe.
And I feel better. :)

Good luck to all of y’alls trying not to drown. I’m here with you. We will succeed! :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I gave myself a haircut

{NOTE: I'm back to blogging here! I like this blog, and feel sad totally giving it up... }

I gave myself a haircut.

It seemed like a great idea at the time… whenever I go, they only take off a little bit anyway; all I ever want is a trim. I only go to the cheap places (because I’m cheap. Some people call it frugal… but no, I’m just cheap). Last time, I went to a more ‘pricey’ cheap place. The trim cost $15.00 and I gave a $5.00 tip… 20 dollars for them to cut off a half-inch (okay, maybe an inch) in ten minutes!! Yeah… I told myself that that was THE LAST TIME I was going to pay for a trim. Well... that much for one, anyway.

I had a great solution. I would trim it myself.


It’s not too bad. But it’s really not great. I've been trying to tell myself that it’s just as good, but I can’t lie anymore. It’s not! Ugh. It’s okay, I don’t think other people will be able to tell, but there are a few hairs longer than others, and it’s not completely straight. It doesn't have a nice clean cut look, you know?

The good news:
  • ·        It really isn’t bad. I can live with this.
  • ·        I only trimmed off a half-inch.

What I learned:

  • ·        I’m not as talented as I thought I was.

o   I do not love how it turned out. It’s driving me a little crazy. I can live with it… but it kinda bugs me.
  • ·        It is better to have a professional (or hair student, or even my mom who does a lovely job) trim my locks.

Well, that’s all about my hair for now. If you have a chance to see me, let me know what you think! “Oh, it’s not that bad!” or, “Becca… you should probably get that fixed.” 

Don’t worry, I can take it. ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

HEY! It's me... Becca. Yeah. it's been a lonnnnng time since I've posted anything on this blog.
there IS actually a reason.

I've moved!! December 30, 2011 I married my best friend. :)
We have a joined blog where we both post whatever we feel like. So far... I've been posting more than he has.

It's still the story of a girl.. and now a boy too :)

If you want to see what's been going on... CHeck us out! @