Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lovely beginning of Spring :)

Spring is here! Though sometimes dismal and STILL blizzardy... there are shining moments we always have the opportunity to improve. As the hymn beautifully rings,

"Improve the shining moments;
Don’t let them pass you by.
Work while the sun is radiant;
Work, for the night draws nigh.
We cannot bid the sunbeams
To lengthen out their stay,
Nor can we ask the shadow
To ever stay away.

Time flies on wings of lightning;
We cannot call it back.
It comes, then passes forward
Along its onward track.
And if we are not mindful,
the chance will fade away,
For life is quick in passing.
’Tis as a single day.."
“226: Improve the Shining Moments,” Hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, no. 226

Time is flying on the wings of lightning, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to improve every moment and make them each splendid and beautiful and so full of joy!! As of late, it's been a goal of mine to improve each moment, shining, or not.. if the shine isn't there yet, I hope to shine it at least a little bit. :) Below, are some recent shining moments..
At an FHE activity, we had a cake decorating contest. My good friend Joe and I decorated this cake. I tried to give him different ways to participate.. but he was so afraid of ruining it! Silly Joe. :) We had a lot of laughs. Eating it was maybe the most fun; poor Mr.Sunshine.. We won the little lizards you see to the left, and received the "Most Colorful--2nd place!" prize, or something.
Welcome to the Festival of Colors! The last weekend of March, Benny, Mary, and I attended the Festival de los Colores and had a great time! This is an Indian festival, where people throw colored chalk at each other in celebration of... something. I don't really know! What I DO know is that the three Carlisle siblings in attendance were really bummed to be missing Emma. It was said over and over, "Oh.. we wish Emma were here!!"

Here, we have General Conference! I was in Provo for General Conference weekend, spending more time with Lovely Mary. Oh, what a great time! Saturday, of General Conference, in between sessions, it was about 70 degrees when Mary and I ran to the Provo Temple and back. It was a little over four miles. I love to run with my sister! It's way more pleasant now, than it was in high school! General Conference was splendid. I loved all the talks, especially the service ones. Sunday, we had the shining opportunity to attend at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. We got outside, and there were at least five inches of snow!! It was insane! 70 degrees one day, then SNOW SNOW SNOW. AH! I just have a hard time with the cold and wet, sometimes! Mary was a trooper, and shoveled off the car. See? Britney gave her a two-thumbs-up. At Conference, it was so incredible. We were twelve rows away from the Apostles and Prophet. What a blessing! Elder Perry, before the meeting started, was walking around talking with members. Being there, was a testament to me that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly that.. Jesus Christ's Church, in the latter-days. Our leaders are undoubtedly representing the Savior here on earth. General Conference was amazing. To find the highlights and talks of the meetings, you can click here. It was definitely a shining moment.
On my way home from Provo, I picked up my cousin's from Ogden. They spent the rest of the week with us, and we all had a great time! I took the youngest two boys out for frozen yogurt. They loved it! They had never been to a frozen yogurt-build it yourself place before. "It was AWESOME!" was what they told me. :) On our drive to Idaho, Luis took this photo for me. It's my favorite shack/barn I've ever seen. I just love to look at it. I know there's got to be a story behind it. If there isn't... I could make up a few. I love this shack. It's in between Tremonton and Snowville. I love, love, love this barn.
Welcome to our Girls Night! Thursday Evening, I spent it with two of my favorite ladies! Sometimes, we act like monkeys, but we really are human girls. We went to Gertie's Brick Oven and had a pizza eating contest. We ate soooo much that we were obese by the end of the night.. AND we fainted. We then went to Cheese Toast and talked and slept and took funny photos. Oh what a night! We laughed. A LOT. Unfortunately Crazy Fred fell asleep before Cheese and I... We'll give her more giggles soon to make up for it. One thing I'm consistently reminded of when all three of us are together is... girls are INSANE!!!! Crazy! Loco! But oh so important in this world. :)

Friday Night. It was something special. Men of Institute! A manly pageant emphasizing the importance of the priesthood and wonderful young adult men can be. It was the best turn-out to an Institute activity we've had all year, and people even stayed for the after dance! What a blessing. It was an exciting activity! We gave prizes that included (but were not limited to) most likely to have twelve children, sweet spirit, best date wear, people's choice, judges choice, and best smelling. The gentlemen featured their date wear, formal (priesthood) wear, talent, and had an interview where they shared answers of questions about the Gospel. They all are classy young men! I was thrilled with how well it went. As a representative from Institute Council, I can definitely say, Mission Accomplished. We just need to continue putting at least this much effort into the rest of our year!
Above, is Gary running offstage from his talent. It was great! He memorized a dance from Just Dance. He had it perfect! and.. below are the Men. Oh, how sharp! They were so fantastic to participate and work so hard!
There are so many moments for us to experience! Why not make them all shine? These are just a few from my last week (plus an extra Saturday). What a blessing to have so many opportunities to grow, and have a lovely time! Oh time.. It really is flying by on lightning's wings.. All we can do, is grasp the shining moments, and do what we can to make them the best.

Spring is here, and even though it's been freezing... it's had a lovely beginning. :) !!


Becca said...

Dear Mom, this is really long, and you might be the only one who read the whole thing. (Or.. maybe you didn't. Who knows?) Either way, I love you. :)

Love, Boo

Bailee said...

I read the whole thing! It was adorable. And I just wanted to say, it was so wonderful to see you at Festival of Colors, even if only for a moment! :)

mom said...

I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing your life, love, light, and testimony Bleka. You're the best!

marisa nicole said...

becca! i love your blog! haha i guess I am kinda blog stalker...but your blog is super great! I love how positive you are and hearing about what you do. I hope life is great!