Monday, January 10, 2011

Ode to Britni...

Britni with your hair so dark, I think the color is semi-sweet. Those random memories, and joyous times, oh! How I'll never forget. Barging into your bungalow with Miss Kristine awaiting. We kidnapped you and drove around, singing singing singing. "I wanna kiss a boy! Wanna hold him tight!" Laughing all throughout the moonlight. And when Megan joined us three, we couldn't be stopped. Camping as crazy ladies. Cowboy came, and really thought Kristine was a different ethnicity. We like good music, and love to laugh. We even made plans to play. They fell through and I was sad, then I remembered the time we checked an important box off our bucket list.

We laughed, I think we cried, we shared some wonderful times.

Britni, oh Britni! This is an Ode to YOU! I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I do! It doesn't flow well, but I still miss coming to you at the Gazebo for ice cream with those cute blond kids.

No really, You're pretty wonderful, I miss you.
..and Britni, Oh Britni!
You forever will be one of my favorite friends.


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Britni Ward said...

um, can I just say that I love this. a whole stinkin lot. We will have so many more memories to come this summer. Stanley, the town that allowed our friendship to blossom :D