Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I've been missing lately.

Living at a lake.
Reading for fun.
When running came easy.
Best friends lived close by.
Curry everywhere.
Holding hands.
Passing notes.
Dancing my feet to death.
Accidentally whipping my friends in the face with my hair.
Spooning parties.
Raspberries in the backyard.
When I was invincible.
Falling asleep in the middle of the house.
Standing up at football games.
Sitting in trees for hours.
Laughing 'till it hurts.
Singing with my siblings in the car.
Wearing a watch.
Jordan River Parkway.
Warm weather.
Playing in the park.

Just joking about the braces. :]


Kent Dodds said...

I hope you still have the opportunity to do some of those things... Like laughing 'till it hurts :)

mom said...

We can sing in the car together on our way to Utah on the 10th...and I could buy you Nutella...You make me want to help you have it all again...Snif~~

tysha federico said...

this best friend lives VERY near by!

just sayin'

and you can whip me with your hair if you want... :)

Britni Ward said...

I hope those spooning parties were in reference to our camp out by stanley lake.
"Yeah my tent can fit 4 people in it."
"No Dustin, it is a 2 man tent"
"Well I could fit myselft and 3 other girls in it."
Good times.
I miss lake living too.
Especially with you.

Mary said...

Raspberries? Since when did we have raspberries?

mom said...

"Whip My Hair" is the debut song from 9-year-old Willow. She's the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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