Friday, November 5, 2010

Just for fun.

  1. My favorite domesticated animal would have to be a dog. Nondomesticated? Either an elephant or giraffe.
  2. My favorite mythological character is the hippogryph.
  3. I was born in Ogden, Utah.
  4. I've always said that the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. It's not. I just love that around this holiday, I can count on seeing and spending time with those who mean the most to me.
  5. I've refused to have a job this semester. My occupation is strictly student...and everything that comes with that. :) 
  6. I have six toes on one foot.
  7. I've always been SO proud of the fact and happy that my older sister and I are two years and two days apart. I'm SO glad I wasn't born the day before her birthday. "We're one year and three hundred sixty-four days apart."
  8. I'm horrible at texting people back!
  9. When I introduce people, I often make up things about them to see their reaction. 
  10. I am currently singing in the College of Southern Idaho Madrigals Ensemble.
  11. I have never died my hair.
  12. I have a LOT of silver/white hairs that no one can see unless I move my hair around and point it out.
  13. I sucked my thumb until I was almost nine years old.
  14. When I was younger, I had a secret rock star voice that I would only use when I knew I was alone. Like...when I was on the toilet or something.
  15. I used to collect Polly Pockets. I would LOVE a Belle Polly Pocket.
  16. When I was in third grade, I jumped off a fence and broke all five metatarsals in my right foot.
  17. I love to doodle/draw and write great things.
  18. I don't really enjoy cooking.
  19. My favorite super hero is Superman, a.k.a. Clark Kent. ;) Oh, what a stud!
  20. But... My real love is Harry Potter of the books, not the movie.
  21. I pretend to be tough sometimes just so people will believe it. Like... I'll eat hot food and pretend it doesn't even phase me, or I'll run into something and get a huge bruise but pretend nothing even happened. So... yeah. It really is SO spicy and I almost die, and I really have to work hard to not let my eyes water from running into that corner. I'm not that tough.
  22. More than anything, I love my family, and my Savior.
  23. I have donated my hair twice to locks of love, and when it gets long enough I will again.
  24. I like to be funny and make up silly jokes, but I'm not very good at it.
  25. When I was running for Student Senate, my slogan was "Vote for Becca, Vote for Sunshine." Now, people are calling me sunshine, and I love it! I love to be every one's sunshine.
  26. I've been thinking for the last couple minutes about the BEST twenty-sixth fact EVER that I could put, but nothing even comes to mind...
So. There you are. 26ThingsYouMayOrMayNotKnowAboutRebeccaAnnCarlisle.

:] I hope it wasn't TOO boring.


Kent Dodds said...

Maybe number 26 could have been the fact that sometimes you tell fibs, like number 6. :)

mom said...

and like when you were little if you told a lie you had to go to bed for the rest of the day (more than once!) and grandma would feel sorry for you and smuggle Mentos to you...(more than once!)Is it off to bed again?! Grandma already gave me some Mentos...

Mary said...

I like these 26 facts. I laughed out loud in the library, even though it is a strictly quiet zone. I'm prolly going to copy this post. Of course I'll change the 26 things...mostly. :)