Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Emergency!

I have two Halloween dances tonight, they both start in four hours!

That is NOT even my emergency!

Okay, I don't really have any emergency.

I just think it's interesting that we're coming so close to both events, and I still have no idea what how I'm going to dress up.
Will I be a nerd, doll, super hero, Indian (from India), or something else... like static cling?

I wanted to make a dress out of black trash bags and be trash, but my mom doesn't support that idea. I think she probably knows best. ;] It just would have been fun to make a trash bag dress.

But I know I'm not trash.

ANYWAY. I'll keep you posted. Whatever I'm going to be, It's gonna be good. ( I hope! )

Wish me luck.

1 comment:

mom said...

I have to report since Becca hasn't! (This is shame pressure...) Becca did use the bags and was a 'bag lady' and did a nice job accessorizing with pink duct tape. Ask her about the spook alley! (Pressure....?)