Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weaving and Mending.

You may already know.. I've been living up at Redfish Lake this summer, working full-time, as a Nanny. I've been here since the end of May, and have one week left.

Where has the time gone??

I'm finding, as I have more and more life experiences, that time is always relative, and whether it is observed or not, looking back, it always runs out more quickly than expected. This can be pleasant, or not. For me, it always is a taste of bitter-sweet. One when tasted multiple times becomes a kind of beautiful. A flavor that makes a person want to weep and rejoice at the very same time.

In a bitter-sweet way, more sweet than bitter, this summer has been a summer of healing, and growth. Physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, spiritually, family-ally... in every 'ally' way. I would touch on all these ways but alas, time is short and it would be wise for me to get to sleep soon.

My Grandmother once shared with me, from an anonymous author,
"The weaving and mending of lives that some may become perfected is the challenge of our talents and the joy of eternities." 
This has been the theme of my summer of two thousand and ten. Weaving, and mending. Mending, and weaving.

Goodness, My time is running out.
Time time time.

As this summer comes to a close, I want to weep and rejoice. I also have a taste of a bitter-sweet; The sweet definitely outweighs the bitter.
I'm weaving and mending. Mending and weaving. and it. is. beautiful.


Kent Dodds said...

It. IS. beautiful.
I appreciate your perspective on time. I think that as time CAN move forward, and it CAN be sad for us to make friends, and then to be separated again. But, why be sad when you can choose to be content with the situation. That's why I think it IS bitter-sweet. Whether you choose to be content with it or not, it will still have the bitter to say goodbye to friends, and experiences. But the sweet I think comes from the perspective looking forward at the opportunities you will have :-D The people you can serve, the friends you will make, the experiences you will have that will all get you closer to your Heavenly Father. I hope you're doing well, Becca. I. really. really. do. :D

Ashley A. said...

I really like this post. So much truth. You are a very good writer, as well. I'm glad you had such a fun summer!!

Mary said...

um, what do you mean healing? you holes in your mouth?

Bethany Jane Lott said...

I can't wait to see you.

Mom said...

My eyes just got wet. Love you Boo!

mom said...

New Post, New Post! NEW POST!!! that's all.

Becca said...

I'm on it, Mom. After Spannnnnnish homework. :) Love you.

mom said...

You LIE! :)