Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Close. (The word that sounds like clothes.)

As my semester comes to a close, I am content. I'm content for a few reasons. . .
  1. I've realized, I can do it! I've analyzed what I've got, and my load really isn't too much for me. I am capable!
  2. I've got my fambily support. I am so very blessed to have the fambily I have. Anyone else would not be quite as perfect for me. We love each other very berry much. They are my berry favorite friends.
  3. I have new adventures on my way! For example: This summer I will be nanny-ing for a wonderful family up at Redfish Lake and Lodge in Stanley, Idaho. I'll live up there. In employee housing. I'm growing up! New adventures keep coming my way every single day. Woo-hoo!
  4. I have an 'A' in Math! I attend about 50% of the time. . . Okay, more like 65%. It just is SOOO HARD to attend this class! THANK GOODNESS it hasn't harmed my grade. :) I'm just good at Math, I suppose.
  5. Uh. . . A boy just waved to me, and I didn't know if he was waving at me or not, but I think he was so I just waved back. I think it's my friend Joel or someone. Ha. That's what I get for not wearing my corrective eye lenses. I can't tell who anyone is. (It was Joel.)
  6. I am rooted in the truth. I know no matter how crazy things get with finals, and life, and everything I'm trying to do that I ultimately KNOW what's right! That is a wonderful feeling.
  7. ALSO. I love daffodils, and pickles, and rain, and the sunshine, and lovely sundresses, and my family, and my Savior, and my life.
Would you like to hear a joke I made up? [Sorry if you've heard it before!]

Q.What did one tree say to the other tree?


A. Hey Bruh-thuh! :D


Kent Dodds said...

Love the joke :-D You can do it Becca! I believe in you! Like this guy!

mom said...

I have to hear the joke in person. I'll bet it's WAY better with your delivery! I'm glad you've been blessed with peace and contentment. Hang on to it! :) I'm glad you're my daughter, Boo, and thanks for all the times we just talk, and for those times you MaKe me slow down and listen. These are the times I'll cherish. Love love love you!