Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in Nannying. :)

I began my nannying career Monday, May 17, 2010.

To name a few adventures I've had so far...
  • Cute McCall (the 5 year old) and I went on a four leaf clover hunt. The first day, after about a half an hour of hunting, we found one! Lucky? Very. :)
  • The next day, we found twelve! ( We went through a LottTT of clovers.)
  • She got liquid orange food coloring all over one of her nicest pairs of jeans. 
  • I got it all out within 15 minutes. Good ol' 'workreallyfast', dish soap, water, and oxy clean. 
  • I introduced PeanutButter and Pickle sandwiches to the youngest four kids. Only the oldest of the bunch was brave enough to try it. and..... he loves them! 
  • McCall and I were weeding, and we got to sing primary songs together. THEN we just started making up our own. "Smash smash smash! I'm smashing the weeeeeds and we're pulling them out because we don't like weeeds! Smash smash, pull pull, kill the weeeds!"
  •  She also shamed me at hide and go seek. :)
There have been a lot of lovely adventures.

Basically. . . I have the best summer job in the world :)

More adventures to come!

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Mom said...

I'm glad you're having fun! I'd want you to be a nanny!