Friday, May 28, 2010

Two mistakes.


I made two mistakes.

  1. My tummy realllllly hurt on the 27th at about 11:30pm. I was being social. My tummy reallllllyyyyy hurt. So. I asked for some pain killers, you know, Tylenol...Ibuprofen... either would be great! They only had Excedrin on hand. It made it tooooo hard to fall asleep! I should have just not taken them because it was so late. I could have toughed it out. Mistake: I took caffeinated aspirin WAY too late in the evening.
  2. Since I couldn't fall asleep, I decided it was the perfect time to search for my Eagle OneCard; the necessary card that determines how I receive the money from my scholarships. Welp, I searched and searched. It's lost. I lost it. I probably threw it away. It will cost me an unfortunate fee to replace it. Mistake: I misplaced and maybe threw away my Eagle OneCard.

Soo. . . what's the consequence? I get to sleep less! :) OOooh baby. My favorite! I get to work harder to be cheerful! Wooooohoooo! I can do it. No big. Blah. I don't like when it's hard to sleep, or when I lose things. Grumble, grumble, grumble. !
On the sunny side, my tummy doesn't hurt anymore. Ugh. I can be cheerful. Promise. :) I'm actually looking forward to the adventure!

Good night, readers. Actually, Good morning :)

P.S. I'm only on my blog/the Internet BECAUSE I was researching how to get a new Eagle OneCard. You know. Quick blog. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in Nannying. :)

I began my nannying career Monday, May 17, 2010.

To name a few adventures I've had so far...
  • Cute McCall (the 5 year old) and I went on a four leaf clover hunt. The first day, after about a half an hour of hunting, we found one! Lucky? Very. :)
  • The next day, we found twelve! ( We went through a LottTT of clovers.)
  • She got liquid orange food coloring all over one of her nicest pairs of jeans. 
  • I got it all out within 15 minutes. Good ol' 'workreallyfast', dish soap, water, and oxy clean. 
  • I introduced PeanutButter and Pickle sandwiches to the youngest four kids. Only the oldest of the bunch was brave enough to try it. and..... he loves them! 
  • McCall and I were weeding, and we got to sing primary songs together. THEN we just started making up our own. "Smash smash smash! I'm smashing the weeeeeds and we're pulling them out because we don't like weeeds! Smash smash, pull pull, kill the weeeds!"
  •  She also shamed me at hide and go seek. :)
There have been a lot of lovely adventures.

Basically. . . I have the best summer job in the world :)

More adventures to come!


run run run
dance dance dance
breathe breathe breathe
think think think . . .

run run run.

yell yell yell
build build build
spin spin spin
blink blink blink
sing sing sing
love love love
play play play
eat eat eat
help help help
shout shout shout
sigh sigh sigh
stomp stomp stomp
lift lift lift
ask ask ask
beam beam beam
laugh laugh laugh
find find find
cry cry cry
pray pray pray
notice notice notice
pinch pinch pinch
tug tug tug
fly fly fly
heal heal heal.

run run run dance dance dance breathe breathe breathe . . .
run run run.


i quit f-book

I'll be honest, it probably won't be forever... I don't think it needs to be, but I've been wanting to go on a Facebook fast for quite a while now.

So, I did it.

I (temporarily) quit f-book.

I'm going to make this a game, similar to, "how long can you hold this book above your head?"
I'm going to see how long I can not participate in Facebook.

It already feels so very good :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Close. (The word that sounds like clothes.)

As my semester comes to a close, I am content. I'm content for a few reasons. . .
  1. I've realized, I can do it! I've analyzed what I've got, and my load really isn't too much for me. I am capable!
  2. I've got my fambily support. I am so very blessed to have the fambily I have. Anyone else would not be quite as perfect for me. We love each other very berry much. They are my berry favorite friends.
  3. I have new adventures on my way! For example: This summer I will be nanny-ing for a wonderful family up at Redfish Lake and Lodge in Stanley, Idaho. I'll live up there. In employee housing. I'm growing up! New adventures keep coming my way every single day. Woo-hoo!
  4. I have an 'A' in Math! I attend about 50% of the time. . . Okay, more like 65%. It just is SOOO HARD to attend this class! THANK GOODNESS it hasn't harmed my grade. :) I'm just good at Math, I suppose.
  5. Uh. . . A boy just waved to me, and I didn't know if he was waving at me or not, but I think he was so I just waved back. I think it's my friend Joel or someone. Ha. That's what I get for not wearing my corrective eye lenses. I can't tell who anyone is. (It was Joel.)
  6. I am rooted in the truth. I know no matter how crazy things get with finals, and life, and everything I'm trying to do that I ultimately KNOW what's right! That is a wonderful feeling.
  7. ALSO. I love daffodils, and pickles, and rain, and the sunshine, and lovely sundresses, and my family, and my Savior, and my life.
Would you like to hear a joke I made up? [Sorry if you've heard it before!]

Q.What did one tree say to the other tree?


A. Hey Bruh-thuh! :D