Friday, April 23, 2010

American Honey

I keep on getting these new theme songs.
Right now, my theme song is American Honey, by Lady Antebellum. It's at the bottom of my playlist on the right of this page if you'd like to listen to it..

Well, today as I listened to this song, one of the sentences stuck out at me... where it says, ".. She couldn't wait to get goin', but wasn't quite ready to leave.."

I know how this feels.
I can't wait to get going.
There are a lot of reasons for this...
I sometimes feel like real life will start when I get going.
["Get going" can be defined as moving to a University. Living away from home. Growing up.]
Sometimes, I get lonely.
I imagine moving away as something that will magically give me close more permanent friends again.
I sometimes fear that me not 'going' has made me miss out on valuable growing up experiences.
I get so, SO antsy in this small town life.

But the thing is... I know I'm not ready to leave.
Every day, I find I've been blessed for staying in Jerome.
I know this is where the Lord would have me be, for this bit of time.
I have some 'growing up' to do here.
I need my family.
There are people here that will help me to become the best Becca I can be.
There is still a lot to learn.
Patience, for example. :]

I know the Lord would have me be here.

Now this is where choice comes in.
I am going to choose to remember my Heavenly Father, and my family. They love me. :) I know it. I also am going to choose to love wherever I am. I may get lonely, and antsy, and want to get going... But I know I'm not ready to leave.
I've got things to do still, and a lot to learn.

This is going to be a party. :]
Because I am choosing it.

dksajhklaj :) :)


Kristen Warner said...

Oh Becca, if you move away from home, those cute college boys will be all over you and you'll be married in a snap, and who wants that?? :) You're cute, I just thought you should know. And I LOVE that song by Lady A.

Kent Dodds said...

Dear Becca,
You're going to learn so much from the experiences you have in your life because of the attitude that you have when you go through them. I admire that :-D You're great. Just throwing that out there, in case you forgot :-D

Mom said...

I'm proud of you.