Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Copy Cat. (With a few additions :] )

As many of you know... My whole life, I've wanted to be just like my older sister Mary. Why? Who knows?! That's a mystery to us all. JOKE! ;)

WELL. There are a lot of reasons. Mary is....
Beautiful. She loves people pretttty unconditionally. She is very creative. She's interested in learning new things. Coloring. Doing handstands. Writing. Art. Music. She wishes her life could be a musical, and sometimes it is. She likes to pretend she can dance. She will forever be a five yearold at heart, and the most important things in her life are her family (I'm included there) and her Savior. Really, ask her, and she'll tell you how it is. Okay, okay, and maybe London too.

So! Back to me wanting to be like Mary... Sometimes, I act on that desire, and SOMETIMES, it's called being a copy cat. Like now. If you look at 'Mary Christine's blog on the right side of this very page, you'll find out why I'm a copy cat. ;)

. . . . . . . . . .

One year, seven months, and twenty-eight days. That's how long I've been living in the Magic Valley.

Things I didn't expect to fall madly in love with:
1. The stars at night.
2.Sllllllllloooowwww traffic.
3. The odd smell of the country :S (Don't hold that against me!)
4. Squirrels. Everywhere.
5. Everybody going to every game even when they aren't related to anyone playing.
6. My 80's home.
7. Falling asleep on the back porch.
8. My parents knowing EVERYBODY. (All my friend's parents)
9. My mom being a teacher for my senior year of high school.
10. Beautiful fields full of wheat, and corn, and barley, and potatoes, and everything else they grow out here.
11.The Twin Falls Temple.
12. The sunsets.
13. My family.
14. The College of Southern Idaho (Sometimes :] )
15. Five dads. Sometimes six, and sometimes even seven!
16. Rocky Top Cloggers
17. 50 cents for allowance.
18. Napping on Gma's couch.

Things I didn't expect to miss:
1. Playing in the park.
2. The Jordan Parkway.
3.Going on dates sometimes twice a week.
4. School Spirit.
5. Holding hands with girls in friendship.
6. Living in a circle, (Coldesac?)
7. Not having to explain my humor.
8. Three musketeers, dynamic duos, soul mates, being in a 'sisterhood', triplets, quadruplets, partners in crime.
9. Gazebos
10. Having a smaller house and falling asleep in the very middle of it.
11. 'Ratio' discussions in Sunday school
12. Competittttiiiivvvvve clogging.
13. Sharing a room.

Things I surprisingly don't miss:
1. The IMAX theatre.
2. Shopping places alllll over.
3. Eh, lets be honest. I surprisingly don't' miss some people :)
4. Being younger than 18
5. Club fees.
6. Jamba Juice. (Well, sometimes I do, but if I don't think about it, it's alllll good.)
7. Being soooo busy and spread soooo thin.


Kent Dodds said...

I very much enjoyed your post :) Have you ever asked Mary if she wants to be like you? Just throwing that out there, you're pretty great yourself :)
By the way... you don't have to explain your humor to EVERYONE ;)
Eh, technically, you're not YOUNGER than 18, but you're not really OLDER than 18 right now either :P If you were to tell someone you're age, you wouldn't say "Older than 18" :D
Have a marvelous day!
P.S. You're great

Mary said...

Um, I loved loved loved this post. Loved. I especially liked second list number 5. :) You are so poetic. You should become a professional blogger. Or a poet. Or something. Love, Mary. PS. See you on Monday. (or Tuesday)

mom said...

YaY!! You blogged! I'm missing you, my Becca. The codeword to type to be able to post this note is 'blestme.' You have Blessed me! I love hearing your adventures, thoughts, feelings, trials and triumphs. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your life. I will copy you and Mary too. Maybe talk with Benny, Emma, and Dad, too. I love you!

Ashley A. said...

This list reminds me of things that Joe has said that he grew to love about Jerome. I guess it must be a pretty cool place. :)

Joseph A said...

There really is nothing like the oddly wonderful smell of the country. Ash certainly doesn't understand why I always love it when we pass a dairy... I think you are swell, cuz, and can't wait to see you at the reunion this year. (You are going, no?)