Thursday, March 4, 2010


Dear Becca,

First off, I've abducted your blog. mwahaha.

Now, the reason I am here now: as you may recall, in your honor, I went to the Mika concert. Before this December, I didn't exactly like Mika. You know that. But then we got his second CD and you abducted me and drove me around into the boonies blasting "Blue Eyes". Maybe it was you, maybe it was the stars that night, maybe it was because Mom made me go with you...I don't know why but a seed was planted that day. A seed of Mika. As time passed, the seed just sat there until I went to London and started missing you. One day the ache in my heart was so great that I had to listen to the music you love. The seed started to grow a little bit. After a few of these moment of weakness, I found out my bunkmate was a huge fan of Mika. This only added to my interest, and I opened my heart a little more, to let the guy have a chance. After 29 days, the seed grew into a flower. And I really liked Mika. This leads me to Monday. Seeing him on stage, this really like turned into love. And as he sang "We are Golden" and gold confetti rained from the ceiling, the love was cemented. It was one of my favorite performances since I've been here, and definitely my favorite concert ever. My friends and I definitely stood out as crazy Americans. The majority of the Brits wore dark street clothes, and they stood rather still .We jumped, sang, screamed, danced, and dressed to impress(ish). Becca, I hope you know, this was in your honor. 57% of my love for Mika and my joy from this occasion was actually love for you.

NOTE TO FOLLOWERS OF BECCA: Becca is cool, and smells like pomegranates. mmmm.

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