Monday, March 8, 2010


Dear Cherry,

As we both know, you are the only one who really reads my blog, so I'm going to post this one just for YOU.

A few exciting things happened today that I thought you should know about.

  1. I thought the bank stole my money. They actually didn't. I deposited my last check from NAPA on Saturday, and it still hasn't shown up on my account balances yet. Dad said it's because it takes one to two (1-2-2. Ha.) business days for it to clear. PHEEWWWW! For now, I believe, the bank has not stolen my money. With today's world you never can be sure...
  2. I changed my shirt IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT today. Wow, huh? It's just... for reasons that should not be mentioned on a public blog, It wasn't acceptable today. I just wanted to wear my tie-dye one instead, really. (Tie-die, for me is just like comfort food is for other people.) ANYWAY. With the mad skills you taught me when we were wee (weeeeeee!) little girls, I was able to change into my new shirt WITHOUT showing my tummy, or even my shoulders. That takes skillllllll.
  3. I forgot shoes to school today. One may ask, "How in the world do you do that??" Well, I'm not really a fan of shoes, and I had my swimming class first, so! I didn't wear shoes. Who knew I'd need them for the rest of my classes? But don't worry, though I didn't find any socks, I did (luckily) have a pair of old (slightly less fashionable) running shoes in the back to protect my feetlings. (Hahahaha. Feetlings. Remember you are not a fan of my feetlings?)
  4. I love you. Every day, I think of you. Yes, yes, YOU. If I was Napoleon, and you were Pedro, I'd do a dance so everyone would vote for you for president. You'd win.

Those are my main stories, though I could think of more if I really wanted to. This is already a novel, so I won't. I'll just tell them to you next time you instant message me when I'm in class or something.

I loveeeee you.

Love, Pomegranate.


Ashley A. said...

I just had to comment to let you know that 1) I read your blog; 2) I think you are very funny; and 3) I hope my girls will be like you and Mary. :)

Mary said...

I laughed out loud in class just now. It is embarassing, but I like it.

Mary said...

I just read it again. And laughed out loud again. It was still funny the second time. I miss you.

Becca said...

Dear Ashley, thank you for reading my blog :). Your girls are splendid. They'll probably be even COOLER than Mary and me.

Dear Mary, You make me laugh. Every Day.

Love, Becca