Monday, November 30, 2009

A Year Ago Today

So... the past couple of weeks I kept on remembering. I mostly kept on remember where I had been a year ago today. Today, meaning the two weeks of me really remembering :).

November 14- December 2, 2009.

I would think... A year ago today....

I was beginning a 24 hour plane ride to New Delhi.
I saw for the first time what poverty really was.
I smelled it.
I tasted it.
I heard it.
I felt it.
I met the most amazing children in the world.
I was playing duck duck goose with them, my orphans, in the Himalayas.
I got to taste God's love for his children.
I loved more than I knew a body could.
I taught my kids their first ever hands on learning activities through workshops about Health, Science, Math, and English.
My roommates and I shared silly girl memories :)
I was teaching my kids how to brush their teeth in the pouring icy rain.
I was assisting with health exams of Indian children.
I licked the Taj Mahal.
I had seven kids on my lap, giggling, telling me stories, and trying to keep warm. :)
I went to India, looking to change the lives of orphans, and to help give them a better future.
I didn't even know I was the one who would be changed.
I didn't realize I would never see life the same.

One year ago today, I spent the best weeks of my life, learning to love, heal, laugh, and grow.

Just so you know, I miss India. So much.


Well, here we are
Standing around
Twiddling our thumbs
And looking down
Both a little afraid
To break the awkward silence

We've got places to go
Things to see
Neither involving you and me
It's time to press on
To live life on our own

We acknowledge the times
The giggles, the tears
Our hopes and dreams
And also our fears

We then shake hands
-With a smile-
And walk away