Thursday, October 15, 2009

Excited :)

Once upon a time, it was Thursday evening and Becca was excited.

Yes, Becca was excited.
She was excited for Friday.

Friday wasn't really going to be too eventful... Becca just finally was going to get to be social again!

(Oh! Side story, Becca actually isn't attending school this semester. She was way too super busy and is saving money for a little bit.)

Well, Becca is a social girl, but she didn't really have the opportunity to associate with large groups of people, being the community school dropout that she is.

Friday, she gets to play flag football.
She gets to talk with her *secret spy crush. :)
She gets to go to a corn maze.
She gets to watch a movie.
She gets to make friends!

Yesssss. Becca is excited.

*Secret spy crush: Little crush that doesn't need any official acknowledging. No real pursuing. necessary. Secret. Small. Spy. Crush. Becca likes these because they're fun and not awkward :) (Ugh. Yet.)

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mom said...

Woot! Fun Fun Fun! I'm glad you're being social, Bo Becca~!