Monday, August 17, 2009


Life. What is it? Goodness, I know it's a test but I just get sick of getting so many every day!

Just to fill you in, going to the singles ward,
as a girl, you meet a lot of boys.
For me, that is not why I attend the ward!
I go to be spiritually uplifted.
Boys don't get it.
They are way too persistent!
No matter what I say, they still keep
randomly showing up at my house to 'talk'.

Please. Stop it.

(I pray that they don't have my blog address..)

But really.
When I say, "I don't want to date you,"
that doesn't mean to keep pushing me at it.
I'm just not feeling it.

Really, stop. Please.

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Kent Dodds said...

Whoops :S Hope that's not me :S I don't think so, but it may have seemed like it at first :-S Thanks for straightening me out early on :-D