Monday, August 17, 2009

An Enjoyable Test.

I work at NAPA Auto Parts.
It's a fun job.
A lot of old men come in and flirt.
It's reallllly funny.
I like working with customers who are glad to see me.
Sometimes, my customers and I have deep life talks.
One man taught me a good philosophy.
He said, "To hell with it!! I'm going to do what makes me happy!"

That day I decided that I was going to audition for Clog America.

Clog America is a folk dance team that travels the world attending international festivals.
They build bridges by sharing friendship and culture.
I go down on the 21st of August for the workshop and on the 26h of September for the real thing!
Wish me luck :).
I am going to see the world.


Mary said...

To hell with it! I'm going to Europe! ha. you said hell. :)

Becca said...

No, I didn't. I quoted. :)

The Olsens said...

Sweet! Napa Auto parts! That sounds like a fun job. Next time I need parts for my old cars I'm driving to Jerome to buy them from Becca!

Good luck with Clog America