Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain equals Splendid :)

I had been waiting for the rain to come for weeks.. and finally..
It did. :)
This very evening.
I love love love the rain!
Goodness, it gives me so much joy!

Today in the rain, Benny and I started jumping in puddles.
It was warm and so much fun. :)
We got Emma to come outside.
Together, we ran through the neighborhood in the gutters.
With bare feet.
We got a lot of funny looks from people passing by.
Our giggles made it so we didn't even care what anybody thought about our silliness. :)
We ran to visit my friend Leticia.
She wasn't home.
Her mom gave us cupcakes.
I love Leticia's mom. :)
(and... I accidentally love smiley faces.)

After running around in the rain for a while, we came home to warm up.
It was still raining so... I decided to tie-dye. :)
It was so much fun tie-dying in the rain.

I love the rain.
I love my siblings.
I love tie dye.
And smiley faces. :)

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