Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm trying to upload photos. . . Success! :)

So... I tried loading pictures, and it worked! I still can't load them from my computer... but I can get the pictures that are already online somewhere! So, here are some photos that I probably would have put in my blogs this school year.

Below is a speech competition. We are champions!

Still champions.. and girls.

This was a dress rehearsal for Guys and Dolls. It was such a fun show!

Tiger Mania. The closing assembly. I got to dance and.. It was one of my very best performances. :) That's all.

I am graduated! Um. .. :S I still haven't sent announcements. If you think you should have received one, don't worry. Two letters will be in the mail to you. 1. My graduation announcement. 2. An apology for not sending it earlier.

You can click on the photos for a better view.

Um, that's all for now folks! :) Thank you, and good night.


Mary said...

You are so beautiful. Thats all.

Gram B said...

What fun you had, oh the good old days... I liked your action shot and the grin for the camera in your Guys and Dolls pic. Love you

Ashley A. said...

Cute pictures, Becca. I also liked the action shot. :)

Congratulations on graduating!