Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Golfing. Have you ever been? I hadn't. Until Saturday. On a date. Weird.

So... Let me begin with this boy. We'll call him... Kris.

When my family first moved to Jerome, I got a lot of whistles. It was really awkward, and I was NOT used to it. It was just weird! I noticed that the majority of the whistles were coming from one boy. I didn't like being whistled at. I thought it was degrading and like I said, awkward. So... One day I was in the library and so was the whistling boy. I went up to him and asked him for his name and he said it was Kris. I said, "Well, Kris, My name is Becca and I kind of noticed that you had been whistling at me in the hallway.." He pretended to be shocked and said something trying to be innocent like, "Who me?" I responded, "Yep, you. NOW instead of whistling all the time, you can just say 'Hey Becca' and I'll say, 'Hey Kris'." He didn't stop the whistling, but it was good to know him. The whistling became more of a joke than anything, and now we're friends. I don't know if he knows it... but it's friends. Just friends.

He's a very persistent fellow....

After he was 'friendly' all year, I finally agreed to go on a date with him. Friend date. He found out I had never been golfing before and jumped on the chance to take me. My friends Cory and Stephanie also came. By the way, this adventure took place on Saturday May 30th.

I get way too competitive.

Golfing is way harder than it looks and I am way too competitive for my own good. Kris and Cory had a good laugh at me and Steph. We boosted their self esteems a lot with our 'skills'. But overall, it was a way fun date... Except I hate that I'm not a skilled golfer and I got blisters on my thumbs. I don't think I'd dislike golf if I were better at it.... I just remember one time when I was 7 I was so mad I didn't get to go golfing at a family reunion. I shouldn't have held onto that grudge for so long. I should've realized that they were saving me from myself.

This kind of is a jumpy-around-ideaeee post. That's all :)

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short and tall said...

I think I went golfing that time. It was my first time (and only time) golfing. We played nine holes and I was TERRIBLE. I think I got over 80 strokes. I might've stopped counting. Blah.

I do think I'll try to golf again sometime, though.

You are cute, Becca. (That's not all you are, but that's a good starting point.)