Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update. :)

So, I haven't really given any stories from my life since prom. Right? Right. Well, a lot of new things have been happening. Hmm.. Prom was... in April. Since then, I've done a lot of things! Let us start with... The musical.

  1. Jerome High School put on a spring musical called Guys and Dolls this year. Guess what?? I was in it. :) I actually got to be a lead named Sarah Brown. She's the girl that falls in love, gets her heart broken, is still in love.. and gets married. It was a lot of fun. There were some very awkward stage kisses I had to participate in... but they're over now. Phew! I got to stretch my singing and acting talents and really, It was a blast! I miss performing with my cast-family a lot. We put on a splendid show together. :)
  2. Now, I changed my plans and will be attending the College of Southern Idaho this fall. I would say, "God said 'Psych!'" but Mary told me that God doesn't say 'psych'. When it came down to thinking about college... I realized that I took my desire to go to Utah State and just decided to make that my answer to prayer. After praying more about it, and getting over my beef with staying in the Magic Valley, I know that I'm supposed to go to CSI. I know this is where I need to be, and I know God has a plan for me. I just need to remember and trust that. So... I'm going to CSI.
  3. I got to perform one of my old clogging dances at our end of the year assembly and... I rocked the stage and the audience and my dance. It was pretty much the :) I hadn't performed that dance in a year and I re-learned it a few days before performing it. Doing my dance woke up a forgotten love of clogging that I am so so glad to remember. I also had my national competition and my recital this month. They both went really well! At my studio, I received the Dancer of the Year award. That was pretty cool. I also get to teach clogging this summer and coming school year. I
  4. lost my cell phone last week on Tuesday morning at school. I thought it was left at school... I searched every single place I could think of and more. I tore the school, my bedroom, and my house apart looking for it! Yesterday, It showed up in the band room. No wonder I couldn't find it...! I was worried. Now I'm not.
  5. Sunday I graduated from Seminary. Actually... I didn't! I didn't turn all of my makeup work in on time, so they gave me a paper that told me I'd get it when I turned it in. My bad... ! I turned it in on yesterday and got my diploma.
  6. I graduate tomorrow at 6:00PM. I'm really sorry... I haven't sent out any announcements yet... :S I'm a slacker. I still AM going to send them... just after I graduate... I kind of already feel graduated. That's what a big move does to a girl I guess.
  7. I'll probably work at Old Navy this summer. :)! Discount clothes, YES! I can't wait.

So!, that is my update. I tried really hard to add photos... but tonight my computer is being really S...L...O...W. slow. I'll get some on here soon. :)

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