Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Random

I found this a couple days ago. I wrote it my Junior year in U.S. History on a VERY boring day. It lightened things up a little bit. :)

Short Story
There was once a little toothbrush.
He said his name was Fred.
He had a squishy on his bosom and some bristles on his head.
He also had a girlfriend.
Her name?
Well, it was Fran.
She was really very bright.
She didn't have a tan.
They enjoyed to bristle-hug and smooch quite a bunch...
One day Fred was very glum and sort of had a hunch.
Fran broke it off and moved along.
She got a new boyfriend.
Thanks for reading my short story!
Now this, it is The End. :)


Mom said...

I feel sorry for Fred. Fran is heartless. She probably left him because of the squishy bosom. (Your illustrations were cute, too.);-)

Mary said...

This was AWESOME! you are the coolest! I want to be like you and write amazing stuff like this somedsay.

Kent Dodds said...

Ha ha, great story. I feel bad for Fred... Just because he had one bad day, it all goes bye bye :'(