Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I find that on my worst days...
  • it always feels good to stomp on some tulips.
  • laughing is a splendid medicine.
  • tears are sometimes necessary.
  • a warm embrace warms my spirit and lifts me up.
  • chocolate dulls the ache.
  • finding ways to serve others takes away the sting.
  • a long run clears the confusion and relaxes the senses.
  • it's a lot of fun to yell nonsense all alone in the car.
  • I like to pretend that it isn't a worst day.
  • they sometimes come because I'm feeling sorry for myself.


Mom said...

good therapy, all of it!

Mary said...

That was beautifully put. I wish I could be with you on your not the best days more often and we could shout nonsense together and go kill some tulips. :)

Kent Dodds said...

If you ever need the warm embrace or a running partner, I'll be there in a flash :-D