Monday, April 6, 2009

Throw up.

I got new shoes today.
Fancy shoes.
They cost $47.

I walked out of the store, and almost wept.
I've never paid more than $30 for shoes that weren't running or clogging shoes.
This is a very new thing.

I had to call Mary for therapy.

She said it was okay because...
They're shoes I'll be wearing at prom.
And to church.
All the time.
They match all my skirts.
They'll match my clothes for a long long time.
They'll be worn till they're dead.
I don't have any other high heels.

They're a shiny cream color.
They're the firs pair of high heels I've ever purchased.
Throw up.
They're cute.

High heels.
I'm cheap.
Good thing they're cute.


Mom said...

I'm glad you got some Marapy. ;-)
She was right, but it's still painful!

Kori Dawn said...

isnt that a hard thing to do...but it will be worth it!!! i must see them!! lol...I love you girly!!!! thanks for being amazing!!!