Wednesday, April 8, 2009

*Sigh!* :)

Today, was a good day in the life of a 17 year old high school girl with brunette hair who's name is Becca. :)
I'm not going to lie. . . It started off rough with some poor communication between her and her parents...but they cleaned up the mess and things got better.

Good parts of Becca's day include. . .
  1. She got to school like. . . 15 minutes late, and her teacher said, "Oh, don't worry about it."
  2. That happened, because a good friend was a peach and passed on the message of Becca's lateness. (Good thing her teacher also thinks Becca is a great girl and student!)
  3. In 2nd Period, Speech, Becca and another friend had a jolly time playing Harry Potter, watching other people's speeches, and being silly girls.
  4. In 3rd Period, Becca completed and handed in her 7 page research (senior) paper! *Phew!!* That was a hearty weight off her shoulders!
  5. At 12:30, Becca went to the dentist to find that she has perfect teeth! Hallelujah! There have never been ANY cavities in her permanent teeth!
  6. After going to the dentist, She got to go to Gma's for lunch! It was a splendid visit :). Grandma gave Becca her favorite drink. V8. Yum :). Grandmas always know what will make a girl's day. Becca also got a hug, and a good chat. :) Splendid.
  7. When Becca got back to the school, she got to talk to a cute boy. They got to laugh together.
  8. Becca had an intense dance practice for the musical. It was a great workout, and very enjoyable. It's also fun for her to see some of her favorite Jeromie Homies.
  9. After play practice, Becca got to go to mutual with some great girls!
  10. After mutual, she got to come home and eat frosting with pretzels in her mother's gracious company while watching American Idol.
  11. Becca just feels good today :)
  12. She'll top of her day with a scripture study, and a splendid sleep!

*Sigh!* What a great day for this 17 year old high school girl with brunette hair who's name is Becca. :)

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Erin said...

that sounds like an amazing day! good for you.