Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I wish my mind could puke.

I found this in one of my old journals. I wrote it on April 5, 2007. I can still relate to some of it today. It's not very well written, but it made me smile a little because. . . with growing up, and living in a new place, and getting ready to go to college, and doing clogging, and choir, and drama, and being in a family I still know the feeling. . :) That's all.

I wish my mind could puke

I just wish my mind could throw up.
It's way too full!! If it could throw up,
it would feel so much better.

I have so many thoughts. I. . . I don't
even know what to do with all of them!

They're running and screaming,
kicking and biting.

It makes me sick.

I don't know how to control all of these
confusing monsters. They make me feel
joy and peace one moment, and lost
and befuddled the next.

If my mind could throw up, I could
expel of of this confusion and have
a new slate.

I wish. . .

I wish my mind could puke.


Mom said...

I get what you're saying, but I don't even like Thinking the "p" word. It makes me queasy...

Gram B said...

You are a delightful young woman, and you make me smile. By the way - you shine just a much as your sister - the light just reflex off different talents.
Love Aunt Liz

I can't believe they didn't take any pictures!