Monday, March 30, 2009

New Goal

In the New Era this month, there's an article about 5 easy ways to make school hard, and 5 hard ways to make school easy. You can read the article in full at

But... Anyway... I really want to focus on the 1st hard way to make school easy.
It reads,

Feed the need to read.
Start by making scriptures a habit. Then add the New Era. Discover the counsel and uplift that await you if you read beyond the joke page. Pick up other great books too. Unlike TV, which is a mentally passive activity, reading is mentally active. It stretches your mind. That’s why if you have ever read a book and then seen a movie made from it, the book is almost always better.

I just started to realize (again) the importance of scripture study. In his Real-Life Education article, President Eyring said in this month's new era, "Our first priority should go to spiritual learning. For us, reading the scriptures would come before reading history books." I often put scripture study at the bottom of my to do list. I am going to make this one of my top priorities, and ... In two weeks, I'll let you know what it does for me. :) That's all.


mom said...

That's great to think about. At YW General Meeting Sister Dalton said they ask all YW worldwide to focus on 3 things as a foundation. 1. Pray morning and night. 2. Read from the Book of Mormon (at least) 5 minutes a day. 3. Smile! That's what I'm working on...Good goals, good life...

Kent Dodds said...

Great goal! How are you doing now? (about a year later) :-D
I'm not much of a reader, but I think maybe I should get into it a bit... All I really read is the scriptures, which is good and all, but... You know, I probably could pick up a good book (beyond Harry Potter...) :D