Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love to remember. . . :)

Today, well, this morning. No, last night.
Last night, my mom made a bean soup. It reminded me a lot of the food we often ate in India. It was missing one little thing. Curry. I thought it was curry, but I've never been positive as to what curry smelled and tasted like. I began to search our cupboards. . . . . .

. . . . . . Where is it??! Ugh! I can't find it anywhere. Mom. She must know where it is. I should have asked her in the first place! Yes! I found it.
Yes, yes, that's the smell! I pot a little on a spoon. . . Yes, yes, yes! That's the taste. As my palate absorbs the flavor, my mind floods with memories, and feelings of sorrow and euphoria as I remember how India forever touched my soul. . . .

I fell in love with India.

It really is nice to remember. . . :)


Davis Family said...

BECCA! This is your favorite person! I found your blog! we are now blogging friends! yay! fun! Be excited! :)

Davis Family said...

Oh and by the way. I LOVE indian food (although i've never had indian food as authentic as i'm sure it is in India) either way I love to cook chicken Tikka Masala with rice and naan! Love it! I also LOVE curry. I will cook for you, come over and play!

Kent Dodds said...

Oh goodness, I have experiences like that with the mission all the time! EVERYTHING reminds me of the mission! :'(