Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20 things that have happened since I last blogged.

  1. I got to visit Mary in Provo. It was fantastic.
  2. She set me up on a blind date where we painted pottery.
  3. I went to prom in Riverton. I had a splendid time.
  4. I got to visit with some of my most favorite Riverton friends.
  5. I got mission hungry. I want to be a missionary so SO very badly!
  6. I missed my shuttle home from Utah and had to wait 5 hours at the Salt Lake airport for my mama to pick me up. All alone. Hungry.
  7. I went to my clogging competition and won Idaho State Champion for my freestyle! Super.
  8. I lost a couple bets.
  9. We had our spring break!
  10. Emma, Benny, a few girls in my ward, and I worked the whole time picking the rocks and garbage out of a farmer's million fields.
  11. I learned and helped choreograph a short duet for clogging.
  12. At our competition, they said we won overall duet, but they messed up. I have to give my trophy back at the next competition.
  13. I got sunburned.
  14. I got the part of Sarah Brown in the school musical, Guys and Dolls.
  15. I helped make some great brownies.
  16. I fell up the stairs.
  17. We got a cat named Sadie. Not like Satan. We just call her Kitty.
  18. I memorized my Oratorical Analysis speech. It's about Mother Teresa, and changing the world by putting our love into action.
  19. I got asked to the Jerome prom, and said Yes! I'm pretty excited.
  20. I tried to take up poem writing. Haiku style. It didn't work too well. . . :)

Here are some examples.

Sand is in my toes.
I eat an Ice Cream Sandwich.
Sun Shines on my nose.

Dirt is real dirty.
I like to make good brownies.
Water here's real clear.


It hasn't been TOO eventful of a time for me, but it's been fun for sure :). Okay, I like life. I'm going to be late to choir! And....I blogged. Hooray :).

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Ashley said...

I would call that a busy couple of weeks. Congrats on the clogging competition! That's awesome.