Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Theme Song

I have a new theme song. I've heard it before, but for the first time today, I listened to what it was actually saying. I love it :). My favorite part is at the beginning, and I'll share those lyrics with you. You can also listen to the full song on my playlist. It really is my new theme song.

Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles

There's too many things that I haven't done yet
Too many sunsets I haven't seen
You can't waste the day wishing it'd slow down
You would've thought by now
I'd have learned something

I made up my mind when I was a young girl
I've been given this one world
I won't worry it away
But now and again I lose sight of the good life
I get stuck in a low light
But then Love comes in

How far do I have to go to get to you
Many the miles
Many the miles
How far do I have to go to get to you
Many the miles
But send me the miles and I'll be happy to follow you, Love
Um, I like this song a very lot :). I listened to it, and I asked myself, "Self? Is this song written for you???" and I replied, "I'm pretty sure it is. I think it's really titled, 'Becca's Theme Song'. Not Many the Miles. " I like to apply this song to my greatest loves. My family, The Savior and the Gospel, and my friends. I will go many the miles for them. :) I'm pretty sure if you're reading my blog you most likely fall into that category. Listen to the song. It will cheer you up on a grey day! ..... or any other day you may be having :)


Kori Dawn said...

Becca i absolutely love you.....YOu are pretty amazing and i am so glad we met...every time i have a bad day(which seems like a lot lately) you alwasy just listen and give me great advice even if it is ya you probably are just over thinking it....LOL i love you bunches!!!!!

kristin said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog!! So exciting! We missed you at Thanksgiving, but your sisters are pretty cute, too. :)

Kent Dodds said...

Awe... I'd go many miles for you too! :-D Love the song! :-D