Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When posting about the 5 degree Fahrenheit cold in Rexburg, my sister Mary stated, "...The best part of this kind of cold is the freezing sensation of your nose hairs. All side effects of cold are worth it for this one, extremely fascinating phenomenon. At first you think that maybe there is just a rather large crusty boogy in your nose, but after a while you convince yourself that that can't be it. When you breath out, the little icicles on your nose hairs melt, when you breathe in they freeze..."

It happens in Jerome too. She wasn't fibbing when she told me my nose hairs could freeze. It is a thrilling sensation.

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Kent Dodds said...

Never felt that in Utah huh? Hee hee, to the inexperienced, the small things in life can be fairly amusing :-D I know that by experience..... of small things in life for the first time... hee hee...