Monday, December 29, 2008

Random. There will probably be a lot of these. . .

I just lost the game. 

I am going to Utah State University!
I got a splendid scholarship from them for next year. 
It is letting me pay instate tuition instead of crazy million dollar out of state. 
Amber Anne Bailey will probably be my roommate :).

My family sang in sacrament meeting today.
The song was In the Hollow of Thy Hand.
It was a little awkward. 

Today is also my mom's birthday! 
I thought she was turning older than she really was. 
That was awkward too.
My bad.

At church today, I learned that my family relies on me just as much as I rely on them. 
People rely on me.
Who knew? 
I have something I can give to them. 
I an give my love, acceptance, light, and many more things.

In Jerome, It's been snowing like crazy.  
We have a few hundred inches of snow. 
We almost got stuck in our driveway on our way to church. 
We were blessed for making it to church. 
It took some work, but we did it. 

I also learned (again) today that it is good to make goals.
I have a goal list. 
It has my life goals.
On the list are things I want to do from now, till the end of my life. 
There are 47 goals (so far) on my list.
(I know I exaggerated on how much school costs, and how much snow we have, but this is the truth. 
I counted, and I have 47 goals on my list.)
I will complete them all. 

I'm practicing being cheerful.
I'm not always good at it. 
My family can tell you that.
Right now, I am cheerful.
I'm going to try to stay that way as a gift to my mom. 

I'm sorry this blog is so random.
I'm sorry this blog is also so long. 
I'm actually not that sorry. . . . 
You chose to read it.

Have a splendid day :)

P.S. I wrote this on Sunday, December 28th, and posted it on Monday, December 29th. 


Ty Pilcher said...

Becca. I'm going to Utah State eventually. Perhaps you'll still be there. Good.

Kent Dodds said...

Becca, I can't believe you made me lose the game over a year ago! Thanks a million!
I've been thinking a lot about my goals too... Maybe I should write them down... I'd be interested to know some of your goals :-D.
I think that you're very good at being cheerful! You must have had a lot of practice at it, or your really good at faking it when I'm around... Hmmmm....
You can get a splendid scholarship at BYU just because it's BYU... Just thought I'd "run that up the flag-pole and see if you salute to it" (I dare you to get that movie quote!)
Have a spectacular day! :D