Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31. 2008

I have had a lot of times in 2008. There were good times, bad times, hard times, and easy times. I've had serious times, silly times, times of love, and times of light. Sometimes, I was pained, and other times, I was full of joy. Sometimes, there was both pain and joy together. I've had my times of regret, and other times I've been very pleased with what I've accomplished.

I look back on my times, and some people would ask, "What would you change?" Honestly. . . I would not change a thing. There have been times where I've regretted what has happened, but those times were there to teach me how to make things right. I need those times. They help me grow. My times have been perfect, for me. They have been perfect to shape me into who I am today.

Next year, and in many years to come, I will have some other times. I don't know what my times will hold, but I'm pretty sure they will be just what I need. :)

At New Years time, we usually look back on our times, and forward to the times we'll have. Sometimes, I think we forget to look on our present times. The 'now' times. Sometimes, we get lost pondering on the past and future times. What do we want this time to look like? I want my time now to be a time of light, love, and joy. So this year, instead of making a New Years resolution to begin on New Years day, I'm going to start remembering my present now. I am going to share my light, love, and joy. I am going to share it now. I want to share with as many people I can.

Happy New Year. :)

With light, and love, and joy,



Mary said...

You're cute. I'm glad you blog. I'm going to be your biggest fan.

Mary said...

thanks. you are nice. :)

Mary said...

that last one was really becca.